Real Estate Support

  • Site Evaluation - Whether leasing a space, renovating an existing space/building, or building new, we evaluate each site for differentiators and take those into consideration as we develop conceptual budgets and overall project schedules.
  • Due Diligence - Our experience with buildings means we are well suited to coordinate the specialized team necessary for a thorough due diligence process. We help select the team, coordinate their efforts, and interpret the findings so you can make informed decisions.
  • Conceptual Space Planning - Once a few sites have been short-listed, we work with a design firm in the early planning stages, ensuring the space meets your organization's needs.
  • Budgeting & Scheduling - Early in the planning stages, we transform your vision into a comprehensive project budget and schedule, allowing for an informed and thoughtful process. 
  • Lease/Purchase Agreement Review - We will support the real estate broker with the negotiation of the lease/purchase agreement, reviewing and negotiating business terms that relate to the delivery of the space. We ensure that the legal documents align with the overall project schedule and budget, allowing enough time for construction and ensuring landlord work is fairly determined.

Project Planning

  • Scope Definition - Early in the project it is critical to identify what is within the scope of the project and what is not. We maximize the effectiveness of the planning process by facilitating conversations with organizational leadership to understand their expectations for the project. Often projects are a good time for organizations to implement new styles of working, rebrand, or implement new technology solutions. To ensure each project succeeds, we consider what is happening within the organization and integrate that into our project planning. 
  • Budgeting & Financial Support - For most organizations, design and construction projects are not frequent events. We meet with your team to talk through the opportunities and risks of the various project delivery methods, aligning with what best suits your organization’s needs. Along with our comprehensive project budgets, we make sure we understand internal reporting formats/requirements for your organization and build that into the budget and vendor contracts from the beginning.
  • Schedule Development & Management - We believe that a good project schedule is one of the most critical components of a successful project. We go beyond identifying durations for design and construction, we integrate all aspects of the project, including time for informed decision making. We consider your organizations processes, identifying the meeting frequency of the project team and decision makers, and we integrate that into our schedule to ensure milestones are achievable. 
  • Project Team Selection - Choosing the right project partners is critical to the viability of meeting the project objectives. We understand how to translate project and organizational goals into comprehensive vendor solicitations. We ensure pricing is "apples to apples" and integrate the qualitative factors, providing a well-round and objective analysis for decision making.
  • Risk Management - Cost and schedule overruns are tangible consequences but there are many other risks that must be managed throughout the project to ensure your organization doesn't miss a beat because of the project. Risk management is a very collaborative process that occurs throughout the project. It isn't enough to deliver the space that is on the design drawings, it must be successful for your organization.


  • Design Process - We support you and the design team throughout the design process, managing the overall schedule to ensure the process supports the project goals. We work with the design team and contractor to facilitate several budget "checks" throughout the process, so that the team delivers a design consistent with the project budget. We also work with the design team to coordinate and integrate owner provided vendors such as AV, cabling, furniture, signage, etc. so that the design accounts for all aspects of the project.
  • Construction Management - Throughout the project we will work together with the general contractor to develop comprehensive construction pricing and a detailed construction schedule. We participate in weekly construction meetings, ensuring project milestones are met and managing owner contracted vendors throughout construction process to maintain an efficient schedule and mitigate unforeseen events. 
  • Owner Contracted Vendors - Facilitating meetings with owner contracted vendors such as AV providers, IT vendors, low voltage cabling, furniture systems, security systems, and others is crucial for a smooth project. We bring the team together to make sure all systems work together and that there are no scope gaps. 
  • Move Coordination - As the move approaches, we work with your team to create a detailed plan and help you select a moving company. Early in the project we will identify what "stays" and what "goes" so that we can plan appropriately and develop a comprehensive move schedule. 
  • Project Closeout - As a project wraps up, we manage the punch list processes to be sure all the final items are resolved before final payments are issued. We work with all the vendors to obtain Owner's and Operator's Manuals and help plan staff training for new systems. 

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